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Get an accurate RICS Market Valuation today

Covering Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield and the Peak District, Mike Kidder Associates Ltd is here to help ensure you obtain the correct valuation for a property. Speak to our experts today.

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Ensure you are paying the right price for your new home

Do you need a professional valuation?

When buying, or needing to know the value of a property, it is always important to make sure the value is formally assessed allowing for all the factors such as condition, size, accommodation, and location that can influence the final value. An RICS Market Valuation will help guide you in this process to arrive at the right outcome.

These valuations can be used for probate and taxation cases, and for people buying newly built apartments or houses, including Help To Buy properties where a formal valuation is needed. Valuations can be done as a standalone service, or added to a Survey Level 2 Report for an additional fee.

When you get in touch with Mike Kidder Associates, you can trust us to provide the right type of valuation for your requirements.


We provide:

•    RICS valuations for newly built and modern apartments
•    Probate valuations
•    Help to Buy valuations

By coming to Mike Kidder Associates, you will benefit from over 39 years of experience, and a commitment to quality. We provide balanced opinions on the value of a property, ensuring the latest market data is utilised in our estimates.

Tailored Help to Buy advice when selling

Mike Kidder Associates can help you through the process of obtaining an RICS market valuation report for Help to Buy cases, when you are considering either selling your house or repaying your assisted loan. We have carried out many valuations for Help to Buy, and the completed report is professionally prepared and emailed to you and also to Lenvi.

Semi-detached homes in a UK street

"An excellent and useful survey. In particular Mike took the time to make a long telephone call to me to explain some difficult points in the survey and to answer any questions. He was also available for me to phone him with any further questions."


Male real estate agent looking up at a house exterior

Before you buy, you should have a professional's valuation figure. For services in and around Sheffield, Chesterfield, Dronfield and the Peak District call 0114 470 1514

Alternatively, message our team

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